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We would like to unite costume baristas with their customers! 

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Just click on the logo at the top left of any page to take you to the home page.  We will route you to the closest stands, display images of the girls, and offer special promotional deals.

The bikini coffee lover can be very loyal to his favorite barista!
We have created a platform that will allow coffee stands to directly communicate with their client base.  Stands can post pictures of who is currently working, offer discounts, and route the customers.
Customers can even keep a digital reward card using their smart phones.  
We aim to take all the guess work out of choosing a stand!
 Users can read reviews and see images of the current baristas. 
We dream of a day when all the baristas will post an image of their current costume at the start of their shift.  They could post promotions or offer a discount using a special word of the day.
Espresso lovers~ if you have iBikiniCoffee you will have a map with every costume coffee stand in the country complete with ratings and reviews. You can reach for your smart phone and view galleries of each stand's images and then be routed to your favorite stand quicker than you can say
“large low-fat triple shot mocha latte”.


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iBikiniCoffee is also a tool for coffee shop owners
We help your shop stand out from the crowd. Simply claim your listing and we provide you with a suite of marketing tools to offer special deals.
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